In order to defend himself from RetardedScraggy's and One Winged Angel's Armies, ZeroMiles decided to call for some help, as well as hiring some mercenaries and buying some robots.

Together, they form the most loyal army of the Family... The Corps. Because it's mainly composed from Robots, it can be easily replenished and repaired...

The Special ForcesEdit

RM army

The Special Forces, leaded by Ice Man.

These are 6 Robot Masters that form the High Ranks of the Corps. In order, these are:

Ice Man, Leader of the SF.

Shadow Man, Master of Stealth.

Freeze Man, Commander of the Artic Forces.

Magic Man, Master of Spells.

Tornado Man, Commander of the Skies.

Quick Man, High Speed Attacker.

All of these are very well trained and now have learned to resist almost everything. Even their old weaknesses don't work as well anymore...

Main ArmyEdit

A thing to note... There are hundreds of them.