Will be edited later down the line, but here's some characters;

Characters:                                                                                                                 Edit

I have given every member a character without permission so if you do not want to be in the game, or want to change your character design, I will constantly be adding some more sprites that you can choose between so just contact me on here, or on Skype. If you want to change your character design you can only choose the once who are not taken (the ones with a (?) after their character name.)  In order of them joining the party. Click the character's mugshot to be taken to his/her character page


Villains and Story Characters:




Francis (Benjamin) - Sword Mage (Weapons: Element Swords)

Valkyrie (Sam) - Dragoon (Weapons: Crystal Spears)

Manuel (Caden) - Slasher (Weapons: Scythes)

Jorrus (Ethan) - Archer Warrior (Weapons: Bow and Arrow and Sword)

Saki (Fabian) - Ninja (Weapons: Kitana and Ninja Stars)

Noir (Hawk) - Echokinetic (Weapons: Forest Magic)

Kinji (Jeff) - Aquakinetic (Weapons: Water Magic)

Vincent (James) - Warrior (Weapons: Giant Battleaxes)

Light (Max) - Gunslinger (Weapons: Guns)

Xino (Austin) - Assassin (Weapons: Dark Knifes)

Unmei (Riley) - White Mage (Weapons: White Magic)

Rin (Stelios) - Traveller (Weapons: Sword and Shield)

Desmond (Ty) - Dragon Knight (Weapons: Dragon Swords)

Cat (Z) - Creature (Weapons: Claws)

Kai (ZeroBen) - Thief (Weapons: Daggers and Swords)

Ember (Lupina) - Pyrokinetic (Weapons: Fire Magic)

Shawn (PJ) - Paladin (Weapons: Whip)

Melody (Sabi) - Bard (Weapons: Instruments) 


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