嵐 is MsReshiram in is god form. He is the 7th god of the Oracle one of the most powerfull of all gods. He is also brother to 意志力, married to 月光 and Friend of 時の石 (respectively the god of power, goddess of the moon and the god of time).


-he is basically MsReshiram but much colder and careless, in fact only the 3 gods above can make him smile or laugh. He is also one of the best warior that the Oracle has because of is clever mind and strategy skills.


-嵐 is capable of use many kinds of weapon from bows to scythes which he can make with water, but his favourite weapon and the one he mostly uses are the Clockwork Blades? a set of 12 blades made of Ice and Orichalcum, what make then an impressive weapon is? 嵐? ability to? putting ridiculous amounts of water in just a small space, in fact the 4 biggest swords weight around the total weight of the solar system.


- Has the storm god, 嵐 has hydrokinesis, aerokinesis and electrokinesis. He is also capable of see the future but only briefly.

Physical differences between him and his limited form:

-Longer and spiked hair.

-Taller and much stronger both physically and mentally

Trivia (coming soon):?