The N7 Commander is an up and coming countdown maker on YouTube, he joined the Gaming Family the second after he heard it, and is known for being an overall likeable, if very random person

His Career on YoutubeEdit

He began his career of making YouTube videos on late April Vacation of 2011, he always thought about doing it and he decided to just take it up. 4 days after his first 3 AVGM's were released Part 1 of his First Countdown, The Top 30 Boss Themes was releaed. It wasn't exactly the best countdown in the world and is very outdated to his taste of music but it was a decent first start. He then planned to have his next countdown, The Top 10 Most Tragic Villains in Videogames out in the summer, but for various reasons he canceled the project. After releasing his 37th AVGM, every single Metroid final boss theme to celeberate Metroid's 25th anniversary, he announced his next countdown was going to be the Top 25 Metroid Prime Themes, the first 3 parts came out relatively soon after that, but for various reasons it took him 3 months for the last 3 parts to be released. Afterwords he released the Top 15 Boss Themes He Heard For the First Time in 2011, where he revealed his favorite boss theme, Vergil Battle 3, along with some other favorites of his such as The Final Cut and Carmeaty Burana. He is currently working on finishing up Dedication VGM's and making it up to AVGM 75 as well as working on his next countdown, the Top 15 Halo Levels. His next work includes 2 collabs, a review of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a versus of the 3 Metroid Prime games.


Favorite Video Game series is Mass Effect.

Metal Gear Solid 3 is his current favorite game of all time, with Ōkami at a close 2nd.(Update Bioshock Infinite is now his Favorite Game of all time.)

Is a gigantic music buff, he owns tons of band t-shirts, listens to music non-stop, and has an obsession over progressive rock/metal.

Has a Stairway to Heaven poster, a Skyrim Map, an Ozric Tentacles poster and a Dr. Who poster in his room.

Is a Brony, his mane 6 ranking from best to worst goes: Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy.

Has a habit of going insane whenever too many Sonic the Hedgehog quotes are made.

His singing is the only thing that can get Dpolaristar to crack.(In that it rapes his ears.)

In an MBTI test he is revealed to be the same type as Dpolaristar (INTP)

On a similar note Dpolaristar has gotten him somewhat interested in the MBTI.