Ollie with one of his fellow fifa faggots

This is a page to talk about your siblings. Just title it the sibling's name, then put whose sibling it is and whether they're younger or older, and what sibling it is.

Ollie (Sam's younger brother)Edit

Ollie is a fifa faggot. He rages at Fifa and cries like a little girl. He acts more 8 than 13 too. Thats all you need to know. Oh, and he believes in swag and not Nerdy Randall

He likes Stelios. But Stelios doesn't like him.

He was popular enough to warrant a unlockable spot in The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist Royale. He came bottom tier. At least he tried.

Margaret (Ripley Believe it or Not's younger sister)Edit

We don't dscuss the dark times.

Gabe (James' older brother)Edit

Gabe is pretty much an exact clone of James, except less trash and can sing. He is also a ginger and a lovely person who is also a nerd.

Caden would fuck himself. But Joofy-kun wouldn't, because that's incest.

Chandler (Caden's older brother)Edit

Chandler is an individual who plays DOTA and League a lot. He gets EXTREMELY 200% mad, screams at the top of his lungs, but is a pretty cool guy. He adores Villager, Shulk, and Ness in Smash 4. Overall he's a very salty faggot who ADORES timber.

Cloe, Alice, and Spencer (Cammy's older sister, twin sister, and younger brother)Edit

Cloe is a strong independent woman who graduated college and is now married to some guy and lives in Michigan. Cammy will be an uncle soon thanks to her.

Alice is perverted and tomboyish and eats like a pig but gains no weight somehow and drives me crazy by waking up at 2 AM and making my phone autocorrect "hi" to "suck my girthy pulsating cock" or something of that nature. Also she shares a room with me, and sometimes wakes me up by masturbating. She has invaded the admin chat multiple times and almost sent Jeff nudes. She also kissed me and beat the fuck out of a robber, and is more lesbian than an explosion. So she's pretty much the coolest female individual.

Spencer is usually a faggot who makes "original" Minecraft minigames which are just direct copies of minigames that his fellow faggots like Sky made, except 69 times worse. He is a walking plagiarism machine that repeats every single sentence he hears and can not discern talking normally from screaming his lungs out. He also thinks Wall-E on the Wii is a quality game, and mains Peach in Brawl. But at least he doesn't play Fifa. He once kicked me in the neck when he was 2, and almost drowned by falling asleep in the tub.

Stelios' Sister (Stelios' Sister) Edit