The Gaming Fulham Football Club is an English professional soccer/football club based in The Gaming Family in the Internet, who play in the English Premier Division, on Stelios' Football Manager 2011 Profile.

The fad started when Stelios played Football Manager, and always buying the player "Joe Riley" in homage to his Rilly friend - TheWaterWaka. He figured out he could rename Joe simply to "Riley" with the "Edit Nickname" tab.

And then it begun.

History Edit

Stelios then began to rename the whole of Fulham FC (the team he was currently managing), including Staff, First, Reserve and Under 18 Teams all to GamingFamily/hilarious punalicious related names. Such as star striker "Dangit Bobby, Zamora.", named after LightningBee98. Riley and Newcastlemhull were loving these names in a delious screenshared Google Hangout, so he continued and they stuck.

The teams first match was an abysmal 0-0 draw against Wolves, with PJ McDaid's late saved strike being the closest attempt. Riley did not play.

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Current Squad Edit