Spongebob rape

Spongebob paying an average visit to Squidward.

Spongebob Squarenixepants is an anthropomorphic sponge that resembles rotten cheese who seems to be a man child. He loves cooking wet hamburgers and hanging out with fellow dumbass Patrick and his surrogate pet dolphin Squidward. He also has a snail named Gay, but he calls him Gary due to the severe homophobia at Bikini Top.

Physical appearanceEdit

Spongebob has a very subtle six pack that only Ga(r)y can see. He has multiple holes on his body for obvious reasons, in essence, he's a yellow square-ish Mr. Potato Head, as he can detach his body parts whenever he wants.


Spongebob is a workaholic and is obsessed with the following aquatic creatures: starfish, squids, crabs, whales, lobsters, fish, squirrels (blame Sandy), fish, sponges, pufferfish, jellyfish and fish. He has a very annoying laugh and he cries often if he doesn't get his viagra. He is sexually confused, when it comes to both the gender and the species of his partner (though he has a fetish for grumpy people with multiple limbs). Because of this, he is an extreme pansexual. He can be considered suicidal as he enjoys drying to death on a beach on occasions.

Trivia Edit