Despite disliking the Xbox One, we all love Microsoft's adopted Skype baby. The Gaming Family has a group Skype chat. It has led to some of the most ridiculous situations in existence. It is known for the creation of many memes, outrages, crazy shit and mind-screwing images. It is, in layman's terms, a potluck of weird that is The Gaming Family Skype Chat.

The Family's Skype UsernamesEdit

  • Mr. H: Harrison (HSpiritOfVengeance)
  • The Zephr Warrior : samuel.phillipson
  • PlatinumBlade13: platinumblade13
  • RBdude98: reid.bayliss98
  • N7 Commander: whitsy234n7
  • The Chosen Hero: maxsmall3
  • The Phantom Riolu: retartedthescraggy
  • nifinland: nifinland
  • The Heartless Soldier: jerkymccutcheon
  • animehoody:AcidDragon64
  • dpolaristar: Dpolaristar
  • The Primal Warrior: themudkipman
  • The Dimentional Bloodringer: rovenami
  • The Hedgehog Ninja: cooperraymer
  • The Omni-Slayer: shadowthunderjp1993
  • The Digital Pioneer: tytherandomgamer
  • The Astral Wizard/Wizardo : iracer36
  • The Wraith Of Ice: thekiradood5