Hawk, (full name Kitsune Hawk), was the first member to join the Family when it was announced on the Chaos Theatre.

His involvement with the family was very limited, yet he is to still be noted for his closeness to many of the admins.


Hawk is noted for his fairly niche tastes in games. He gets along quite well with every member of the Family, though he considers Cammy, Maverick, Ethan, Fabian, and Zeph to be his closest friends.


Well known throughout the Family for his levelheadedness and respect for the other members, no matter what they do.

He likes to call himself the "Paladin of the Family", due to his kind and respectful (if not also a bit humble and apologetic) personality, and because Paladins tend to be some of his favorite recurring RPG classes, like in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Dragon Quest IX.

What other Family Members think of KHawkEdit

  • Hawk? As in my pet iguana? Oh, that guy. He's nice, and still owes me a taco. -The Water Waka
  • Hawk? He has a good taste in music - The Speed Buster
  • Very nice guy and has played some pretty interesting games if I do say so myself (might as well check out T.R.A.G. sometime) oh yeah and his laugh (god damn it ethan one job) - Anon
  • Well, he's American, and..... a guy.... and, WHATEVER, HE'S FUCKI*G AWESOME! - Anon
  • He's not a bad guy, insane people are much more interesting anyway it's the "normal" people I can't stand. - Dpolaristar.
  • Hawk? Like my alternate "pervert" twin (dood)? Yeah, he's a cool dood. A REALLY COOL DOOD (dood)! Though I am curious as to where all his creepy "experiment" shizzle is now in his mind; I was always his subject. Plus, he has the same name as me (dood) :3 ~ Zeph.
  • A great guy to have as a friend, and also hilariously insane. Also, Back to Basics. XD -Maverick


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