Jessica Joosica Jiff Jang Jong
So, I really want to explain how you can get this Exclusive Welcome Bonus!
Age 20
Date of Birth June 59, 1994
Gender Female
Species Saleswoman
Stage MansionCasino
Unlockable Costume The Swimsuit Merchant
Rival Freddie Benson
Friend Laura

The discussion with Jessica was the first and most memorable moment in a Joof Kdun and Stelios' Pre-iCarly Viewing Google Hangout. Originally created so Stelios could showcase his works on artwork for the Diet Soda Girl. Downloading clips of her caused a popup for where a seemingly autobot named "Jessica" had this converasation with Stelios and with the help of Jeff and Caden, we realised we were being an ass to a real person instead. And then we felt bad.

But little did they know, Jessica would return in The Gaming Family All-Whores Randallist Royale, now mostly taking the form of Anal from Flame Crest: Asleepening. Oh yeah baybee.

Enjoy our failure genuiasses!

Jessica says: hey! please don't leave yet. i have a special welcome bonus for you that's only valid through this chat!

Jessica says: You with me? All you need to do to get this bonus is click here to download today!

User says: HI

Jessica says: hello

Jessica says: So, I really want to explain how you can get this Exclusive Welcome Bonus!

User says: will you brawl with me?

User says: do you want me numbeR?

Jessica says: so… :) what's your name?

Jessica says: oh, i'm sorry if i gave you the wrong impression but no, i don't want you like that. i just thought you seemed like a good friend.

User says: VIVIAN!

Jessica says: Nice!

User says: like ur mom in bed

Jessica says: Why are you asking me about my bed?

Jessica says: Oh come on.. so immature

User says: like ur mom in bed

Jessica says: Why would you wanna know anything about my bed?

Jessica says: ok now, that's immature

User says: because it needs cleaning

User says: my sister got diet soda all over it

Jessica says: Good...

User says: like ur mom in bad

Jessica says: well, exclusively through this chat, you can get a 150% match welcome bonus up to £/$300!

Jessica says: Ok now, that's immature


Jessica says: yeah, of course

Jessica says: hmm.. alright

Jessica says: Our platform is 100% secure and is used by millions! Our friendly customer support team is also available 24/7...

User says: Do I get free Soda?

User says: My sister spilt it all

Jessica says: To get this AMAZING BONUS and start playing today, just click here to download ;)


Jessica says: yeah, you know i feel like this conversation is actually pretty amazing.

Jessica says: Well, if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer care team ;-)

User says: Like our relationship, add me on Facebook as Ollie Flipson.

Jessica says: I don't really have a Facebook account, if that's what you're asking

Jessica says: Bye

User says: Also will it work on Linux? Because everyone uses that

User says: NO

User says: DON'T GO


User says: IN YOU

Jessica says: our software runs on Windows XP/Vista/WIN7(32 bit), but you can play in Instant Mode (Flash) on a Mac.

Jessica says: as my mom always says, because i said so! haha.

User says: BABEH

Jessica says: Yes?

User says: oh crap

Jessica says: babe is not my name, jessica is. now do you need assistance with

Jessica says: no need to swear, i am just trying to help...

User says: I really must get a Mac/Windows

Jessica says: yup

User says: Goodbye, I love you.

Jessica says: Bye ;-)

Jessica says: Thank you, but I'm here to get you to fall in love with

User says: You my friend are a good saleswoman!

Jessica says: Just click here to download to get your EXTRA HIGH BONUS instantly and start playing today!

Jessica says: Thank you.

Jessica says: Well, if you need anything else, our 24/7 customer support team will be happy to assist you!

User says: Will Paypal work?

User says: I love my Payal

Jessica says: Sure, that's a secure way to deposit-click here:'Payment Methods' and pick your method of payment and follow the instructions to make your deposit!

Jessica says: What are you trying to say? Love what?

User says: you- I mean this website goodbye

Jessica says: bye ;-)

Jessica says: Well, is one of the world's leading online casinos! You can win fantastic prizes, enjoy our wide selection of games, receive awesome bonuses AND make real money here!

Jessica says: So please don't hestitate to contact customer care if you need anything else...

User says: Will Steve be there? I like Steve, I can't wait to waste my whole life savings!

Jessica says: Cool :)

Jessica says: Oh.. You forgot something?

Jessica says: Cool :)

Jessica says: Yes, no complaints here...

User says: Alright, good day.

Jessica says: Yeah

Jessica says: Good day to you too :)

Jessica says: bye ;-)

Jessica says: [Chat ended]

User says: YOU WH-

They then proceeded to watch iCarly.

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