What Burwood looks like.

Burwood is the Gaming Family's nemesis. He dislikes all of their videos and is known to scar people's minds. Burwood will stop at nothing to destroy us all... As discovered by Maverick, Caden and Jeff, Burwood is actually Kaos from Skylanders.

List of Things He Did which are Bad...Edit

  • Inventing the art of trolling (which was later saved by Hades)
  • Genocide
  • Enjoying Jasper Batt Jr
  • BEING Jasper Batt Jr
  • Aiding the idea of "I Want to be The Boshy"
  • All of the events of Star Wars I - III
  • Killing Bruce Wayne's and Dick Grayson's parents
  • Causing the Bubonic Plauge
  • Masturbating to dying marmosets
  • Creating the CD-i
  • Convincing Capcom to stop making Mega Man games
  • Ridley didn't kill Samus' parents, he did!
  • Delaying Half-Life 3 and Duke Nukem Forever
  • Calling Joshscorcher an Anti-Brony
  • Dropkicking 400 babies into Michael Jackson's basement
  • Rushing Sonic '06
  • Supporting SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA
  • Killing hundreds of childhoods with the creation of Skylanders
  • Being Burwood
  • Not putting Nova in Gaurdians of the Galaxy
  • Sneaking cocaine into the Family's turkey at Thanksgiving
  • Removing Lucas and Wolf from Smash
  • Killing Abraham Lincoln
  • Destroying Sam's stairs
  • Not including Crash or Spyro in PlayStation All-Stars
  • Putting Zeus in PlayStation All-Stars
  • The existence of PlayStation All-Stars
  • "He raped someone" ~Max
  • Raping James
  • Eating Super-Skrull's planet
  • Inventing STDs
  • This page